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Our fitness studio is outfitted with the finest materials to deliver a modern, energetic and clean look and feel. It is designed to help our members discover their fittest selves through our world-class fitness programs the moment they step on the floor. Inspiring visual communication, natural light filtering picture windows and dramatic lighting are the first steps toward getting into the mode before the workout even begins.
Experience the intensity of upbeat music and inspiring moves of our workout. Because your Resolution for Fitness begins in Aptitudefit Pitampura and Rohini centres Delhi.

Aptitudefit Gym is India’s largest fitness and Aerobic centers with world-class facilities. This gym is equipped with latest equipments like Treadmills, Bikes, Rowers, Cross trainers, Spinning bikes free weights and resistance kit. They also provide a Weight Loss, Zumba Classes, Cross Fit, Dance Classes,
Power Yoga Classes and Kickboxing Classes for overall fitness care. The gym provides professional and experienced trainers and nutritionists who motivate and train the clients so that they achieve their dream body shape. Fitness is an important aspect for any individual to live disease free and stress free life. We are providing Fitness Courses In Pitampura, Rohini Delhi.

We provide Dance Classes and Power Yoga sessions in groups and individually at your doorstep. Yoga can heal your mental stress and keeps you away from Doctors. This is very best exercise for mental stress, Power Yoga is stress relieving and happiness provider.

Our club features:
  • Specialized floor for high intensity workouts and dance forms.
  • State-of-the-art and innovative cardio and strength-training equipment.
  • Experienced and certified instructors.
  • Result-oriented personal training.
  • Personalized and detailed attention to members' needs.
  • Complementary unlimited beverages.
  • Complementary towel service.
  • Complementary locker service.

At Aptitude each class is a new fitness adventure. Fresh choreography, new music and highly trained instructor - make our group classes an invigourating exercise phenomenon. Functional Training, Dance, TRX, ViPR, BodyPump, Zumba - just few of the classes designed for our members to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.

Working out with a group results in a bigger calorie burn! Quit the machine and party by moving to the beat of your favourite songs!!

Join the Group.


MAD (Make A Difference) It is a 40 minute classes that helps your kick your metabolic rate and gives fast results. It's cardio section takes care of the inch loss and the weight training section takes care of the toning of muscles. It aspires o give a beach body to both men and women.


A 60-minutetotal-body-workout capsule. Makes your body work hard and burn a lot more calories than the basic isolated exercises.


  • Cardio
  • Cross Fit
  • Functional Training
  • FlexiStrength
  • Spinning
  • Circuit Training
  • Kettle Bell

Strengthen, tone, sculpt and shape. A complete workout to get you into shape fastest.Burns fat and creates lean muscle.


  • Core Blast - Express Abs
  • ABT - Lower Body Sculpting
  • Swiss Ball
  • TRX
  • ViPR
  • Les Mills BodyPump

Children improve thier gross motor skills, strength, learn to cooperate with each other.


  • Jack And The Bean Stalk
  • Summer Funk
  • Little Ninja
  • Star Trek

Unleash yourself and dance away to a fitter you, one step at a time. The ultimate dance-fitness phenomenon.


  • Zumba
  • Dance Mix
  • Hot Step
  • Aero Dance

High-power calorie-crushing workout that cranks your metabolism into overdrive and kicks you into high-gear.


  • KravMaga
  • Kick Boxing

Experience profound mental, physical and spiritual awareness in these classes that speak the universal language of spiritual exercise.


  • Hatha Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation

Workout with tyres, ropes, rods, ladders and heavy weights pushes you to a next level of fitness.


Especially created for children of 14 and below these classes provide physical activity to help build and maintain strong, healthy bones, muscles and joints.


  • Star Trek
  • Jack & the Beanstalk
  • Little Ninja
  • Game

The weekend classes are additional classes available during the weekends. New and exciting classes taught step by step at the weekends.


  • Salsa

A 60 minute class acts as a magical pill.It helps you burn calories , reduce fat and focus on inch loss.


  • Aerobics
  • Kickboxing
  • Functional Training
  • Flexi Strength

Our certified Personal Trainers will prepare a customized workout plan to suit your specific requirement. Through a systematic approach of understanding your body type, performing body fat analysis, strength and weakness assessment to plan a tailor-made fitness course for your unique requirement.

Aptitudefit is a Good Gym in Delhi. GYM Center make smart every person. Whether you are looking for a way to maintain your fitness, or achieve greater fitness or lose weight and flexibility, you will find a solution at On the other hand you will notice a deep and positive change in your lifestyle, your peace of mind, and spiritual wellbeing, discipline, through, Maintain of body, emotions, breath, spirit and mind.

We provide Yoga for Body Fitness, Toning of body, Stress management, Obesity, Back pain, Hypertension, Thyroid & Cure of all problems. We also provide Yoga Training, Zumba Classes , Aerobic, Good Gyms , Kickboxing Classes ,Power Yoga Classes and Aerobic Centres in Pitampura.

APTITUDE Fitness Studio
B 288 Saraswati Vihar
New Delhi.
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Ph Nos. : +91-8130861144

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